A modern solution for citizen-friendly cities

Project Mana Pilsēta facilitates the municipality's communication with its residents and guests by offering important information in a convenient and easy-to-understand format ( in a mobile app). Since the system consists of several blocks, every application can be tailored for each city separately, making it a unique support tool for the local government.

Citizen involvement

With the mobile app, citizens can reach the city's latest news in a very convenient format. Personalized news board, notifications from the municipality and interactive polls - now all this is possible in one simple app.

Promotion of culture and tourism

Improve your count's tourism offer with interactive routes and audio guides. Tourist centers no longer need to buy specialized and sophisticated equipment - now guests can easily explore the city with an audio guide on their mobile device.

Promotion of local entrepreneurs

A platform friendly to the local businesses as it allows to reach the target audience and create personalized campaigns more conveniently and effectively than ever before.

🗓 Events

For us, physical event posters are a thing of the past! Mana Pilsēta event block provides an opportunity to announce all the upcoming events in the county in one easy to access place, where all events are organized monthly. Authorized users also have the option to mark whether they plan to attend the event or not, thus allowing organizers to estimate the approximate number of visitors.

📃 Surveys

How active are the residents of your municipality in expressing their opinion on various topical issues? How often do you think they visit the municipality's web page? The survey section makes it easy to find out the opinion of the population on various issues of interest to the municipality. This is the easiest way to build democratic and modern communication in the municipality, one in which every citizen feels heard. Plus, citizens also receive a notification on the screen of their mobile device the moment every new survey is created.

🏔 Tourism"

In the tourism section, the municipality can offer various tourist objects and tourist routes in the region. To each object a description, photo gallery, location, as well as an audio guide that users can listen to during the visit can be added. In addition, the user can also choose to view tourist attractions and routes in the form of a map or list, as well as select them by distance or category.

🛍 Business offers

Support local businesses and let them advertise special offers directly to app visitors. An entrepreneur can easily create an advertisement from any place in the world, but the app user will get notified about it as soon as it is close to it. How these offers work? Each user has its own unique QR code, which the entrepreneur can scan right through the app, and the transaction is performed. In this way, the businesses can not only analyze the success of their campaigns, but also create unique and tailor-made offers for declared residents and city guests.

🚅 Public transport

The most convenient way to plan your route by public transport - enter the destination and the app, itself, will calculate, at what time and by which transport it is most convenient for you to get there!

🚨 Notifications

Change in traffic? Accident, flood or unforeseen power outage? Use the notification block and inform people about the most important news in the county with just one click. The moment a new notification is created, PUSH notifications are sent to all the users, ensuring that the most important information can be delivered to the citizens immediately.


A section loved by many of our users. It allows citizens to submit suggestions for the development of the city with just a few simple clicks. Add a description, picture and a geotags and suggestion is sent straight to the local government! In turn, the municipality in-app can respond to the submitted suggestions, comment on them and change the processing status. Sending suggestions via email or physically collecting signatures is now a thing of the past!

💳 ID Card solution

Mana Pilsēta offers a solution, which allows to both issue and personalize ID cards by simply using a mobile application and card printer. This way, these easy-to-make ID cards can be conveniently distributed to residents at various public events or info centers - anywhere with wireless internet connection and electricity. Convenient, very simple and useful!

A modern solution for citizen-friendly cities

Mana Pilsēta has been successfully operating in already 4 counties in Latvia, and it can be tailored specially to the needs of Your municipality - from tailor-made tool blocks to individually adapted color scheme! Join the innovative ones and choose US!

Case study

Sigulda Municipality App

"The mobile application for Sigulda has become a powerful communication platform between the local government, its residents and entrepreneurs. Ever since the launch of the application, its most popular section has been the possibility to submit suggestions to the municipality. Indeed, it is also one of the most important functions of the app - to be a feedback platform for all of its users."

- PA "Siguldas Attīstības aģentūra"
As a result